UCOR, an AECOM-led partnership with Jacobs, combines the talents of two global program management companies. Along with small business partner, RSI EnTech (RSI), the team is the lead environmental management contractor for the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Reservation in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Formed in 2011, UCOR specializes in the safe decommissioning and demolition of former nuclear facilities. Our workforce of nearly 1,800 has earned a reputation of safe performance, innovative problem solving and an unwavering focus on excellence. UCOR takes its mission seriously to protect the people, the community and the environment while eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Parent Companies

The AECOM and Jacobs partnership started more than two decades ago working on large, high-risk completion/closure projects for DOE. Together, the companies have successfully cleaned up some of the most hazardous nuclear sites across the nation—under budget and ahead of schedule. Their experience includes the Rocky Flats Closure Project, Colorado; the Savannah River Site, South Carolina; the Mound Site, Ohio; the Idaho Cleanup Project, Idaho; and the Hanford Site, Washington.



Our values demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a culture of excellence and serve as a foundation on how we operate every day.

1. Make safety a prerequisite to all work
2. Create strong partnerships
3. Build what we sold; finish what we start
4. Be investment worthy
5. Never make a profit or gain at the expense of the client, environment, or workforce


A strong safety culture is the foundation on which UCOR continues to build an investment-worthy enterprise. Employees and management are dedicated to UCOR’s Zero Injury Philosophy, which is based on the concept that all injuries are preventable. We are recognized as a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star site — achieving DOE’s highest level status. This designation is given only to the safest operations in the DOE complex.


Our leadership team brings together individuals with vast experience in the engineering and environmental industries. Visit our Leadership page to learn about each individual member.

Our People

UCOR’s highly skilled workforce forms a team that is dedicated to the well-being of each other and promotes excellence in performance. Our workers routinely exercise innovative problem-solving skills and actively participate in maintaining a safety culture that is integrated into every aspect of UCOR's mission on the Oak Ridge Reservation. A variety of programs and initiatives reinforce this commitment to safety.

In addition, our workforce exhibits a spirit of giving and volunteerism that positively impacts communities all across our region. From after-hours service on dozens of nonprofit boards to helping to distribute tons of food to the needy, UCOR and its employees and subcontractors willingly serve the local communities where they live and work. Our workers also donate community service hours to help improve the lives of those in the region.

Employee Community Outreach

The contributions of individual UCOR employees supplement corporate donations to local charitable agencies and educational institutions. The company also conducts an annual United Way campaign, raising funds to support United Way agencies that assist citizens throughout our region.

Much of UCOR’s community involvement stems from close working relationships with the company’s labor partners—the Knoxville Building and Construction Trades Council, the Atomic Trades and Labor Council and United Steel Workers Local 9-288.

In addition to financial contributions, area communities also benefit from the time and talent of UCOR managers and employees who serve on various boards and agencies and lend their experience and expertise to key organizations throughout the region. These include the East Tennessee Economic Council; United Way; Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association; Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation; Court-Appointed Special Advocates; Legacy Parks Foundation; Boys and Girls Club; and the Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Advisory Board.

Employees have also donated their skills and services to the construction of a hospitality house to serve out-of-town patients and their families seeking treatment at the Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge.

Corporate GivingSecond Harvest Food Pantry

UCOR’s areas of focus for community investment and involvement are:

UCOR encourages volunteerism by sponsoring events in which employees can participate and communicating volunteer opportunities. Also, our leadership team lends their expertise to local and regional organizations by serving on several boards.


Designated by the State of Tennessee as a “Healthier Tennessee Workplace,” UCOR emphasizes the health and wellness of its employees through a structured series of events, activities, and information sharing. UCOR’s Wellness Committee sponsors several initiatives such as “Work on Wellness”. These brown bag lunches features speakers from the community or staff discuss a variety of health issues. The committee also coordinates periodic blood drives, mobile mammography visits and prescription drug drop off events. UCOR also sponsors wellness-related events to raise funds for local charitable causes.

Diversity Awareness and Appreciation Program

Our Diversity Awareness and Appreciation Program facilitates open dialogue and relationships among the members of our diverse workforce and the communities in which we live. Our philosophy is to be an active corporate partner in the diverse communities where we conduct business, contribute to the causes in which our workforce believe, and align with UCOR’s value of cultivating a culture of caring in the workplace and in the community. UCOR’s primary objective is to embrace and leverage the diversity of the workforce and the East Tennessee region to advance the DOE cleanup mission on the Oak Ridge Reservation and to enrich the lives of UCOR employees and the surrounding community.

Site History

The Oak Ridge Reservation traces its origins to the historic World War II defense initiative, the Manhattan Project. The secluded hills of East Tennessee proved the ideal location for the covert military operation. Starting in 1942, three major industrial, research, and production sites, given special code names, were created to develop nuclear technology:

By 1945, one of the Reservation’s signature facility, K-25, was enriching uranium using a gaseous diffusion process. Its footprint spanned 44 acres and its product fueled one of the two atomic bombs that ended the war. Over the next decade, another four uranium enrichment plants joined K-25: K-27 in 1945, K-29 and K-31 in 1951, and K-33 in 1954.

For four decades, the Oak Ridge gaseous diffusion facilities produced the nuclear fuel for weapons and reactors. Over time the gaseous diffusion process was replaced by more energy-efficient processes and in 1985, uranium enrichment activities ended in Oak Ridge.

The Reservation’s industrial processes left behind radioactive and chemical contaminants in buildings, soil, sediment, and groundwater. Since the late 1980s, DOE has focused on restoration of the environment in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, a citizen-based advisory board, and other interested stakeholders.

To learn more about the history of ETTP, visit the K-25 Virtual Museum site

To learn more about the history of cleanup at ETTP, visit the History of the Oak Ridge EM Program.

Visitor Information

Visitors to Property Protection Areas at East Tennessee Technology Park, as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12 National Security Complex, must be sponsored by a UCOR team member. Badging will be required. Visits by foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens) will take extended time to process. Please work with your UCOR contact about any upcoming visits.

Visitors Center: 150 Americus Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN 37830