FFA Appendices

Appendix A RCRA/CERCLA Terminology
Appendix B Oak Ridge Site Description
FFA Decision Information
Latest Revision - November 26, 2018, FFA-PM/18-011
Appendix C Oak Ridge Remediation Sites
ORR Remediation Sites
Latest Revision - November 26, 2018, FFA-PM/18-011
Appendix D Stipulated Facts
Appendix E Timetables and Deadlines
Appendix E Acronyms/Abbreviations
FY 2020 – 2022 Enforceable Milestones
Latest Revision - December 17, 2019
Appendix F Low-Level Radioactive Waste Tank Systems
Category A, B, C, D Tank List

Latest Revision - June 23, 1999, FFA-PM/99-004
Appendix G Prioritization of Environmental Restoration Tasks

Latest Revision - February 19, 2004, FFA-PM/03-003
Appendix H Letter From Department of Justice to TDHE
Appendix I Operating Instructions
I-1 Appendix E Extension Request
I-2 Document Transmittal
I-3 Referencing Classified Documents
I-4 Remedial Investigation Scoping Workshop
I-5 Operable Unit Information Assessment
I-6 Document Scheduling
- Primary and Secondary Documents Schedule Protocol
- Record of Decision Documents Schedule Protocol
- Non-Time Critical Removal Action Documents Schedule Protocol
- Time-Critical Removal Action Document Schedule Protocol
I-7 Recurring Routine Transfer of Category D Liquid Contents
I-8 Non-Recurring Routine Transfer of Category D Liquid Contents
I-9 DOE Facility Operating Instruction
I-10 Administrative Record Index Transmittal
I-11 Appendix C Operating Instructions
I-12 Removed
I-13 Land Use Control Implementation Plan
I-14 Waste Handling Plan Operating Instructions
I-15 CERCLA Screening Process for the ORR Operating Instructions
I-16 Appendix J Operating Instructions
I-17 Appendix E and J Operating Instructions

Latest Revision - November 13, 2018, FFA-PM/18-010 (Revision of I-15)
Appendix J FY+3 and Beyond Planning Targets
FY 2023-2047 Non-Enforceable Out-Year Planning Targets
Decision Making Strategy Charts
Latest Revision - October 1, 2019, FFA-PM/19-013