three photos of UCOR workers at work

ISMS graphicUCOR has an unwavering commitment to safety. We make safety a prerequisite to all we do. Our employees are empowered to stop work if they perceive unsafe conditions. Our goal every day is to make sure our employees return home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived for work.

At the heart of our culture is our Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS), which integrates environment, safety, and health with waste minimization, pollution prevention, and quality assurance into all management and work practices from the top of the organization to our front line workers.


UCOR's commitment to safety starts at top. Our leadership team "walks the talk" of our safety culture by being accountable for protecting the environment, safety, and health of every worker in the organization.

Employee Involvement

Employee participation is essential to UCOR's safety culture. Our workers are empowered to stop or pause work whenever they perceive a situation to be unsafe. We embrace a questioning attitude among our UCOR team members and actively encourage feedback and participation at all levels of the company. To that end, UCOR has instituted a number of programs and channels to keep our employees engaged in our safety culture.